Aircraft Scrap provides services including part-out, disassembly, demolition and recycling for all types of aircraft. The Aircraft Scrap team adheres to the leading standard methods for dismantling aircraft in a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. We are compliant with industry-developed best practices for aircraft disassembly. Aircraft Scrap recently opened an additional facility in Ankara and Corlu customer aircraft storage Trust the experienced team at Aircraft Scrap to do a professional, safe and efficient job at handling your storage, disassembly and recycling needs.

One additional expertise that makes Aircraft Scrap exceptionally unique is the capacity to dismantle, move and rebuild aircraft military and commercial. It has carried out this task on over 2 aircraft to date for insurance companies, loss adjusters, museums and private individuals. Our skilled engineers re-assembled them to their former glory and they are now used by thousands people as restaurant and caffe in several cohesin in Turkey.

Aircraft Scrap, LLC is a leader in aircraft teardown services, having completed hundreds of projects throughout the last decade. With a strong background in heavy maintenance, we hold the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle your asset correctly. Our large investment in aircraft tooling, equipment, and technical data allows us to offer safe, accurate, and timely solutions. We understand our clients have different needs, so we tailor each project to satisfy any requirement.

From limited teardowns to complete Turnkey solutions, Avocet will provide the service that is right for you. Accountability and Trace With each teardown, our customers receive a digital formatted list of all components removed. As part of vital trace documents, removal records are provided with all relevant information so trace is easily established.

Our lists contain work orders, complete aircraft, and component information so quick tracking, sorting, and loading of this data can be accomplished accurately. This information can be provided in various file extensions so data integration to any inventory management software can be achieved. Our comprehensive component removal tag is one of the most thorough in the industry.

Boeing Family. Airbus Family.The above is an image map, use it to navigate the site. Best viewed at x using any browser. Many of my computers and most of my gas turbines came from scrapyards. I like nothing better than exploring aviation, military, and computer specialised scrapyards, junkyards, and breakers. Some of my favourite British scrapyards are presented here. This is a wonderful place! Not much in the way of gas turbines although a Derwent can be seen in this picturebut an excellent collection of other military surplus.

This is a general scrapyard, but due to its proximity to the RAF base at Kinloss, it got a large amount of military aircraft scrap.

When I was there five years ago they had two big yards, literally piled high with aircraft - Buccaneers, Shackleton bits, missile and engine parts, even a Nimrod simulator! I returned late in '99 to find their main yard All that was left were a few Derwent runway cleaners, pictured to the left. There may be a renaissance, but their best days are behind them I fear. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting the redoubtable Mr.

Spur will not forget him. His yard deals pretty much exclusively with scrap from the East Midlands RAF bases, and as such all kinds of things can turn up. Seems usually to have a lot of stationary engines, generators, and apron equipment, but relatively few gas turbines. Memorable arrivals in recent years have included the principal components of several Matra Martel TV guided air-ship missiles, and a large quantity of Plessy Solent gas turbine starters from Phantoms.

The gate. Couple of big old 'Bloodhound' missiles on the left. Various aircraft at various stages of breaking.

Available Aircraft

Canberra nose section still intact. Hanningfield metals is near Chelmsford, on the Chelmsford-Billericay road, on the left just a few hundred yards south of the A12 flyover - an industrial estate. Has more general military surplus-type junk, but at times has had high piles of scrap airframes - haven't been there since or so, so unsure of current state of play.

Roger Windley's scrapyard, near Tattershall Lincs. Just outside the village of Woodhall Spa, on the road to Tattershall in Lincolnshire, there's a large car scrapyard - Roger Windley's.

Adjacent to it, guarded by 'private - NO entry! In one corner the nose section sits, looking eerily familiar from those oft-repeated TV news videos.

In this pic it's almost upright, you can see the centre pedestal with throttles in the middle of the image: Visitors are positively NOT welcome - I was welcome enough on my first visit, by my second visit things had changed! This guy had a lot of stuff about - site now closed but I've linked to archive. Nev Martin - Phoenix Aviation, Bruntingthorpe - a museum as much as a scrapyard!

Taken circa. Foreground various engines - Paloustes, Continental units from M1A1 starting carts, and a bunch of Vipers. Still under construction They were an outfit that specialised in breaking up large jet engines for scrap - last time I was there, in or so, they were piled high with Avons.

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scrap aircraft for sale

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Select Classification. Lucia St. Reset Password. Sign In. PlaneMail : Bi-Monthly - Get great offers for turbine powered aircraft on the market.Many of the aircraft we purchase have little or no damage at all. Our vast inventory of parts gives us the unique ability to return many aircraft to safe flight conditions and then offer these aircraft at a fantastic value. We only have time to restore a few of these aircraft per year so many others we offer as excellent projects.

If you have time and ability to restore or do some minor repairs, let us know what you are looking for? This aircraft has been under restoration for many years and is now available. Wings completely rebuilt by reputable certified rebuilder, the fuselage is from another with no damage history, several other items simply replaced to build up … Read More.

Aircraft Salvage

Airframe Paint and exterior are aboutsome minor hail noted but overall aircraft exterior looks to be in serviceable condition. The interior is complete and with the … Read More. We are presently in the process of identifying and adding parts to a searchable database but for now, look through our photos or give us a call if you see something you must have….

This Rallye is complete, no damage history. Engine and prop have been sold to date, lots of perfect parts available. I am on the fence with this one. The nose cowl has some damage that should be replaced or repaired by someone better than me. The LH rudder-vader has crack … Read More. Airframe Aircraft aborted takeoff on straight floats and ran up on beach into trees, spun around and damaged the wings and tail; never touched prop.

Has been in our hangar since slowly being rebuilt. The entire tail section has been replaced. The … Read More. This very clean CQ was in for complete restoration, wings removed and painted when firewall damage caused owner to throw in towel. We had firewall repaired and aircraft is presently being reassembled. Airframe Great condition, wings painted and ready for assembly.

scrap aircraft for sale

Engine … Read More.We reserve the right to modify or remove any salvage listing at any time prior to the bid closing. You may not bid if you are employed by or are a relative of any employee of Old Republic Insurance Company, ORA, their subsidiaries or affiliated companies.

Indemnify and hold Old Republic Insurance Company and ORA, harmless from any claims arising from the purchase of, transportation of, use of, or sale of the salvage. Title will be transferred from the current registered owner to the successful bidder once payment has been received. All charges pertaining to the salvage including handling, storage and taxes accruing after the award winner has been notified are the responsibility of the award winner.

Foreign, non-USA companies or individuals are responsible for procuring all export documentation. ORA will not assist in any way with making any arrangements for export from the USA of the aircraft salvage. Bidders are encouraged to conduct an inspection of the aircraft salvage. By agreeing to these terms the bidder acknowledges that they have had the opportunity to inspect and evaluate the aircraft salvage and are not relying on any representation made by ORA.


Bids will close at pm EST on the 15th of each month unless otherwise noted differently in the aircraft details. Are you sure you wish to delete this entry?

scrap aircraft for sale

This action cannot be undone. The purchaser agrees to: Indemnify and hold Old Republic Insurance Company and ORA, harmless from any claims arising from the purchase of, transportation of, use of, or sale of the salvage. Disclose any damage history to future purchasers. ORA will include an entry in the aircraft logbooks that the aircraft was damaged. Payment must be received within ten business days of award notification. Payment must be made by cashier check or wire transfer only.

Storage fees will be paid by ORA until the end of the month from when the salvage is awarded. Would you like to register for an account to save your bid history?By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline. This field in the heart of Gloucestershire is Europe's largest aeroplane graveyard. Mark Gregory, the founder of Air Salvage International, is responsible for dismantling the unwanted passenger jets into more than 2, parts [for each aircraft]. Mr Gregory's firm has taken apart around commercial aircraft of all types over the last couple of decades.

Mark Gregory, who started his company from his garden shed, now dismantles around 50 to 60 aircraft every year. The company was set up by Mr Gregory 20 years ago and is now the biggest aircraft dismantler in Europe. Mr Gregory, who started the firm from his garden shed, explained: 'The engines and parts are worth more if you take them off than if you try to sell the aircraft as a flying machine.

He said: 'Between 80 and 90 per cent of the value of the aircraft are the engines. If the customer wants we can remove the engine as serviceable and it can then be leased or sold to be used on another aircraft.

Mr Gregory's firm has dismantled some commercial aircraft of all types over the last couple of decades. The team test the aircraft before draining them of fuel and hydraulic fluid, before removing and labelling each re-usable part. Mr Gregory's team sometimes discover unusual items left behind by passengers and crew, such as mobile phones and spare change.

He said: 'There were these packets hidden behind the panel that looked like lots of cassette tapes wrapped in plastic. He said: 'Looking at the packages it had been there for some time, maybe it was taken on board the aircraft and whoever took it on bottled out and stashed it behind the toilet panels.

He added: 'We find lots of coins, we did find a wallet once which we managed to repatriate with the pilot [that was under the captain's seat of a Air New Zealand aircraft].

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Europe's biggest aeroplane graveyard Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Europe's biggest aeroplane graveyard in the heart of the Cotswolds e-mail However, once peace was assured, the military found itself with a huge surplus of aircraft.

The United States had manufactured aboutaircraft for the war effort. Of that number, 21, 7. By the U. Foreign Economic Administration began a program to scrap certain obsolete, damaged and surplus military aircraft overseas. Following the war, estimates of the number of excess surplus airplanes ran as high asConsideration was given to storing a substantial number of airplanes, but the realization that the expense to store them was too great Some U.

Most, however, were returned home for storage, sale or scrapping. Within a year of the signing of peace treaties, about 34, airplanes had been moved to 30 locations within the U. The RFC established depots around the country to store and sell surplus aircraft. By the summer ofat least 30 sales-storage depots and 23 sales centers were in operation.

In Novemberit was estimated a total ofaircraft would be transferred as surplus. A study was conducted to determine the most cost effective way to dispose of planes; it was determined that too many man-hours were required to dismantle planes for parts, and the cost for storage areas for the parts was too high.

So the method of "salvage and melt" was adopted. Main components such as engines, armament, instruments and radios were removed from each plane. The remainder of the aircraft was cut into pieces, and pushed in a large furnace, or smelter. Aluminum was the prime metal sought after, melted and poured into ingots for sale and shipping. Airlines procured a number of transport planes, primarily DC-3 and C aircraft, for building up their post-war inventories of commercial airliners.

Others planes were transferred to civilian control, or to the Air Forces of allied countries. A few, such as the "Enola Gay" and "Bockscar" see photo belowwould be preserved for display in museums.